Shoes for People Allergic to 
Substances other than PTBP-FR and Chrome


Although I am very eager to expand the website to include information for people who are allergic to substances other than PTBP-FR and chrome, having myself already emailed well over 200 shoe manufacturers, I am not very keen to repeat the process; I am not sure many shoe manufacturers would appreciate hearing from me again - particularly regarding allergies that I do not myself possess.  So, if you are allergic to a substance other than PTBP-FR and chrome and are willing to send out a few emails, please do email me and I can provide you with advice regarding how to go about it and where to start.  With the information you gather, I can expand the website to include more pages devoted to other allergies.  

In the meantime, I thought I would provide a list of shoe manufacturers who claim to make hypoallergenic shoes.

Before buying shoes from any of these companies, I would definitely recommend emailing them to ask whether their shoes are free from the substance to which you are allergic. 

Please also note that you may wish to try the following product: Microair Barrier Socks by Alpretec.  These are worn under regular socks and prevent harmful substances from coming into contact with the skin on your feet.  These socks are sold in Europe, Australia and Canada.  For a list of distributors, please visit this page


Askin Shoes




  • shoes, sandals and boots for men and women
  • sold in stores in Europe
  • public commitment: their website states that their main ecological objectives are "To use the purest bio-based materials that are kind to the environment and are completely safe to handle for all the workers throughout our supply chain" and "To avoid harmful glues by stitching our shoes together"; their leather is "Organically tanned with vegetable extracts from the bark of Mimosa and Quebracho trees"